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We aim to create an environment where deeper relationships can flourish: with God, with leaders, and with other students.
How students can connect:
Small Groups
Youth on Wednesday's
Serving on Sunday's
Real Talk on Sunday's
Youth Seating on Sunday's


We believe young people are the future of the local church and desire to train and empower them to step into their God-given gifts and passions.
How students can serve:
Kids Church on Sunday's
Main Church on Sunday's
Youth on Wednesday's


Whether it is leadership skills, specific talents, relationships, or personal faith, we are always looking to grow!
How students can grow:
Small Groups
Joining a team

Forms & resources

This form gives permission to apply first aid and/or call medical services. Form is required for major events, activities, and overnights.
If your student desires to have one-on-one mentorship with one of our leaders complete this form and submit to your Youth Pastor.
Resources for teens struggling with mental health.  This resource includes crisis hotlines, local counselors, and more.

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